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St Mungos is a leading UK charity that supplies accommodation and support to homeless people. They open the door to safe housing, support and physical and mental health care, as well as provide homeless people with valuable life skills.

The organisation’s housing provides safe and supportive homes for nearly 400 vulnerable people. But with such a diverse range of properties from small units to large Hostels within its portfolio, St Mungo’s inevitably has a substantial energy spend.


The Objective


St Mungo’s needed to reduce its electricity expenditure, but at the same time ensure the energy procurement process and fees were transparent and competitive. This is why they turned to KGM Energy Brokers who were able to offer them their bespoke, secure reverse e-auction platform.


The Process


St Mungo’s decided to utilise the reverse e-auction for their tender process…


The tender was advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)
  6 suppliers registered for the auction
  The event lasted about four hours
  17 valid bids were submitted
  Neither St Mungos nor participating energy suppliers had to remain logged in to keep track of e-auction bids, as each time a new bid was placed, an alert was emailed to all participants.
  The whole process was totally transparent and done in accordance with EU Directives.


Outcome and benefits


The bids from the e-auction were evaluated and it was easy for St Mungo’s to identify the winning supplier because the e-auction system automatically ranked participating suppliers in order of competitiveness
It was easy to identify annual cost and savings by navigating to a series of visually striking charts
  St Mungo’s awarded a one year supply contract to Centrica
  Both St Mungo’s and participating energy Suppliers were happy with the auction process and outcome
  The e-auction saved St Mungo’s a staggering £114k per annum (39%) on their total energy costs, which were previously at £290k. St Mungos were delighted to find that KGM e-auctions for energy are a transparent solution to rising energy costs



"The reverse auction provided by KGM Energy Brokers for the OJEU contract was very successful and efficiently run. The savings were tremendous and my Financial Director was very impressed. I would recommend to anyone the use of this tool in the procurement of energy and look forward to using it again soon." 

St Mungo Community Housing


Why work with KGM Energy Brokers Ltd?


KGM Energy Brokers is a well established UK based company with 15 years experience of the UK energy markets and have developed and written our own euction platform.


We have several years of experience using the e-auction procurement process, which has proved successful time and again for our clients. You can see from our testimonials that leading organisations have come away satisfied with not only cost and time savings, but also grateful for our informative and efficient services.


We were also the first amongst UK energy brokers to use weighting as part of the e-auction process, recognising the added benefits of giving our clients access to vital information about suppliers.


Contact us now to to save your company time and money and to discover why e-auctions are a transparent solution to rising energy costs

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