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You work in an organisation that requires accurate energy bills without the expense of smart meters. You need to track energy usage to ensure efficient energy use and adherence to energy budgets.

You need to be able to ensure meter reads are accurate so that meter reads can be sent to suppliers to produce accurate energy invoices and you can produce accurate consumption and cost reports.

That's why you turn to our online meter reading platform.


What we offer


We have created our own easy-to-use Online Meter Reading platform where you can input and store all your meter reads so that when the bills arrive you know they are going to be accurate.


The process couldn’t be simpler…


Set up an account in a few easy to follow steps
  Receive a user name and password
  You can decide who has access to the platform
  Input the meter read for a particular site
  The platform records the amount of energy you consume


Once you’re signed up and using the Meter Reading platform, the possibilities are endless.…


The meter reading data can be validated, and if proven to be correct, you can send it directly to the supplier so they can replace estimated billing with accurate invoices
  Our Online Meter Read Platform can also accept meter reads from smart meters.
  The system stores contract costs and calculates consumption costs based on current and previous reads
  The platform calculates CO2 emissions based on consumption and meter reads
  The system automatically emails the meter reader a summary that includes actual read, read date, target consumption and actual consumption, and target/actual costs
  The administrator online can download reports of varying sizes that include lists of reads/costs/CO2 emissions between specified dates
  You can download the data for use in your own systems, helping you to analyse and track your energy consumption in the way that suits you.




The platform is free to use for our clients
  Easy to set up and manage
  Helps ensure supplier invoices are accurate
  Reduced administration costs
  Detailed reports allow you to target energy consumption
  Track and compare gas consumption across multiple sites
  All data is fully downloadable for analysis
  Meter reads remain on file even if you change supplier
  Up to date balance available before your bill arrives
  Check where you can save energy and money
  Easily identify meter faults by reviewing meter read reports

Why Work With KGM


We were the first brokers to build a meter reading platform five years ago to meet the needs of our client Hestia Housing & Support. So we were the pioneers and many have followed since then. But instead of resting on our laurels, we have continued to innovate and update the site on a regular basis to keep ahead of the rest and meet the needs of our clients – free of charge!!


Contact us now to set your company up on the best online meter reading service that will save you time and money.

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