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Online Access to Account and Contract Information

Managing a diverse and varying portfolio of gas and electricity supplies over a wide geographical spread is a time consuming and labour intensive job for many companies.

Plus, if you don t keep on top of them properly, it can end up costing you a lot of money.


What we offer


We can relieve this stressful and costly burden with our secure online platform that allows you to view and manage all the important contract and account information at the click of a button.


You can view…






Our online platform acts as a secure central document repository for all your energy contracts, which allows you to set reminders for contract renewals and termination notices.




Easy to log in and set up

Reduces burden of data entry

Provides simple access to all your energy data wherever you are, downloadable in a huge variety of reports

Secure platform with all data protected

For your peace of mind - all inputted data is backed up on a regular basis

The platform can store information for any number of sites

Automatically benefit from any platform upgrades

We can adjust the platform to your needs – just ask us!


Why work with KGM


We have a vast amount of software writing experience, and so can ensure our clients that the platform will be safe, secure, easy to use and comprehensive. With more than 15 years’ experience as energy brokers we know exactly what is required to manage hundreds of sites and contracts. But we are also very client focused and can tailor the platform to your every need - we are always open to ideas and suggestions!! Contact us now to see how we can make your work life a lot easier with our simple, but effective account and contract management platform.



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