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Energy Invoice Validation

Handling supplier invoices can be a costly, time consuming and complex process. The Office of Government Commerce has estimated that it costs between 35 to 90 GBP to process and pay a paper based utility bill.

The information provided on the invoice has become increasingly complex, often containing multiple charges, adjustments and levies. While delivery of the invoices can also be a problem bringing added administrative strain to a company. Plus they may often be inaccurate, due to estimated billing, meter faults and the incorrect application of tariffs. This can make it very difficult to ensure they are processed and paid correctly.


All these heavy burdens can be lifted off your shoulders by KGM Energy Brokers who can scrutinise past and present invoices to make sure everything is in order and that your organisation is not being overcharged. Our electronic validation system can reduce the cost of checking invoices to just a few pence per bill.


KGM Energy Brokers’ knowledgeable team of experts are extremely thorough in their attention to detail and as a result have already saved many leading UK organisations hundreds of thousands of pounds and countless hours of tedious administration, leaving them able to focus on their core business activities.


What we offer


Our experienced team use advanced utility data software to assess supplier invoices, investigating whether the amount tallies with the relevant supply contracts and actual consumption
  Utility data presented in a user friendly format using our online system
  Costs charged in error are identified and recovered
  We can audit invoices based on historical payments by analysing archived invoices, assessing market conditions during the period in question, and compiling reports detailing errors including overcharging, duplicated invoices, incorrectly clocked gas meters and wrong contract rates.




We reduce process costs and save clients time by analysing invoices
  Our thorough investigations of meter readings and contract rates ensure all mistakes are corrected
  We represent you the client and so liaise with energy suppliers with any queries, problems or issues on your behalf
  Recovery of energy bill overpayments due to supplier errors
  Greater control of your expenditure through statistics and management reports
  The budgeting process is simplified


Why choose KGM Energy Brokers Ltd?


We have a considerable number of years of experience dealing with client invoices. The KGM Energy Brokers team have an outstanding reputation for going the extra mile for their clients to make sure all errors are spotted in the invoice process, money owed is returned and future problems eliminated through direct dealings with suppliers.


Many organisations have saved time and money thanks to our expertise. For example,we were able to save The Richmond Fellowship £22k. We did this by analysing archived invoices and compiling reports detailing errors. Likewise, we saved the charity Centrepoint £12k on a £42k gas invoice. 


Call us now to discuss your invoice needs and concerns. We are always happy to help no matter how big or small the job may be.

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