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How we are paid

How we are paid

On receiving an inquiry we offer to meet a prospective client for a preliminary meeting. The purpose of the meeting is firstly to establish whether we are able to assist with the prospective clients needs and objectives and secondly to discuss how we would be paid for our services should we be instructed to proceed.


There is no charge for this preliminary meeting and no obligation on either side.


High Energy Volumes Secure Price Advantage

In cases where we obtain remuneration from suppliers, it is important to understand that due to the significant volume of energy we transact on behalf of clients as one of the UK's largest and longest established of UK energy brokers, KGM Energy Brokers can secure 'wholesale' energy prices that are simply unavailable to smaller energy brokers and energy consumers.


Our aim is always to secure energy prices for our clients than are more competitive than going direct. We achieve this by sharing the arbitrage between the the discounted energy prices available to us and the retail energy prices with our clients. This way our clients can benefit from more competitive energy prices than going direct to suppliers and also have access to unlimited, experienced, highly skilled support from KGM Energy Brokers.


In this sense, the services provided by KGM Energy Brokers to our clients are 'free of cost'


High Productivity reduces our Cost Base

KGM Energy Brokers are among the most productive of all UK Energy Brokers; The smart tools we have developed (and continue to develop) for automating procurement and administrative processes, our network of contacts within the energy supply industry and our experience in resolving a myriad of issues relating to energy supply combine to ensure a highly efficient use of our time and extremely low cost base.


We pass these savings onto our clients in the form of discounts we obtain on the price of retail energy and unlimited, experienced and highly skilled support services.


Cheaper than Going Direct

We review energy prices we obtain on behalf of clients to ensure the energy contract prices we provide to our clients are always more competitive or equal to going direct.


Our Guarantee

KGM Energy Brokers offer experienced, highly skilled and unlimited support services to our clients that are paid for by an uplift on wholesale energy prices based upon a share of the arbitrage between the wholesale energy prices available to us and the retail energy prices with our clients.

We guarantee that the prices we obtain from suppliers on behalf of clients including the financial benefit that accrues to our client as a result of our work, will always be less or equal to going direct to those suppliers for equivalent contract periods and durations.


Whilst we believe our highly competitive energy prices, eAuction platform, smart tools and unlimited free support for our clients represent an unbeatable combination, we are never complacent and continue to invest in ongoing R & D to develop more smart tools and services to assist clients in reducing their bottom line energy spend

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