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The UK wholesale gas and electricity markets are known to be volatile with price swings in excess of 50 percent fairly common. This is why expert guidance is required to steer companies through troubled waters and get the best energy prices.

And this is where KGM Energy Brokers excels thanks to its in-house energy market trading experience and analysis of vital market intelligence. Market intelligence is provided by negotiated agreement only.


What we offer


Fortnightly Energy Market report consisting of easy-to-read email summary, plus a more detailed analysis in a 2 page pdf format
  We provide graphs and charts of price and market movements showing moving averages, momentum charts, price trends and far reaching forward curves to help identify the optimum time to go to market
  Trigger levels may be set based upon a set of wholesale energy market criteria and alerts sent by email or SMS when breached to alert customer of buying opportunities
  Track events that may impact on the cost of energy
  Summary of how prices have moved over the month




Industry insight and analysis that allows clients to understand the key price drivers behind market movements
  Moving average charts help identify the optimum time to go to market
  RSI and MACD charts indicate when wholesale energy is likely to be ‘overbought’ or ‘oversold’ and when price trend reversals are likely
  Wholesale gas and electricity Volatility Indices help identify whether price increases/falls are likely to be temporary or sustained
  Energy Market Intelligence can help identify the optimum time to go to market which can save many thousands of pounds in energy costs


Why work with KGM Energy Brokers Ltd?


KGM Energy Brokers is a well established UK based company with 15 years experience of the UK energy markets including in house energy market trading experience.


We use a respected market leading energy market intelligence gathering company to get the best and most useful information for our clients that will have a genuine impact on their balance sheet, and not just prove a minor reading distraction.


We do an in-depth analysis of the state of the European energy markets, review world events likely to impact energy prices, and assess over-the-counter (OTC) prices  to provide our clients with invaluable, up-to-date energy news and information presented in an easy-to-read, but comprehensive monthly report..


KGM Energy Brokers Ltd are the only UK energy broker to use Relative Strength Indices (RSI), Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) and short,medium and long term moving average charts and volatility indices based on wholesale energy price to help identify wholesale energy price resistance points, price trend reversals and the optimum time to go to market for clients' energy contracts.

This market intelligence has PROVEN to save our clients substantial amounts of money on their energy bills, including a £200K electricity saving for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


Contact us now to to save your company time and money and to help identify the optimum time to go to market. NB Due to the cost of market intelligence an agreement stating specifically market intelligence services will be provided must be in place for us to provide market intelligence in relation to the energy contracts we negotiate

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