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E-Auctions are the most common and effective type of e-procurement solution in which the roles of the buyer and seller are effectively reversed, which is why an e-auction is often referred to as a reverse auction

Instead of companies having to do all the leg work to find an energy provider, in an e-auction the suppliers are required to bid online against each other to supply a company’s energy necessities, according to published contract specifications. Suppliers can view each other’s bids and prices typically decrease over time.


In an added bonus for the buyer, auction weighting can be used within the reverse auction set up, which requires suppliers to specify precisely what services they can offer if their bid is successful. This means the buyer can assess the suppliers not only according to cost, but also quality of service and delivery.


In summary, e-auctions are up to 18% more cost effective, more efficient and more transparent than traditional procurement, expand supplier access, and facilitate decision making.


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What we offer


Secure environment for setting up auction rules, weighting questionnaire (if appropriate) to get to grips with what the supplier offers, and the ability to approve supplier participation
Complete transparency of the procurement process
  Collaborative procurement opportunities, which involve two or more organisations pooling their knowledge and resources to run the e-auction process
  Choice of weighted or non-weighted auction formats
  Ability for buyers to upload documents with useful information, such as meter numbers, consumption, contract duration and start date
  Emailed bid alerts with updated rankings
  Instant graphical bid analysis replaces time consuming spreadsheet manipulation.
  Event log showing minute by minute bidding activity
  Unique industry insight and analysis to allow buyers to understand the movements of the markets
  Optional automated award notification to the winning bidder
  End of auction management information report
  Auction archive




Cost savings range between 5% and 18%, compared to traditional procurement processes
  Up to 30% time saving – no need to ring around for quotes, the auction event can take as little as
30 minutes, and there’s no need for extensive paperwork
  Transparent/secure online auction with clear record-keeping methodology
  Fair and transparent contract award process
  Suppliers can re-visit bids at any time
  Audit trail records all auction activity
  Legally compliant
  Participants receive emailed bid and ranking updates so auction participants don’t have to log in to track the progress of the auction
  Online messaging system




Why work with KGM Energy Brokers Ltd?


KGM Energy Brokers is a well established UK based company with 23 years experience of the UK energy markets and have developed and written our own euction platform.


We have several years of experience using the e-auction procurement process, which has proved successful time and again for our clients. You can see from our testimonials that leading organisations have come away satisfied with not only cost and time savings, but also grateful for our informative and efficient services.


We were also the first amongst UK energy brokers to use weighting as part of the e-auction process, recognising the added benefits of giving our clients access to vital information about suppliers.


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