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Working out your financial budgets can become overcomplicated when factoring in your energy costs. The market is often volatile, prices vary and energy usage changes from one site to another.


A great deal of stress, time, effort and money is wasted by companies attempting to reach agreement on their energy budgets, and often projections prove to be off the mark.


Thanks to our simple to use, but extremely effective, interactive online tools the days of stress, uncertainty and doubt are over…


What We Offer


We can provide you with projected budgets for your gas and electricity supplies based on a number of factors, including your own updates on our Online Meter Reading platform, contract rates, annual consumption (AQ) and our detailed analysis of the energy markets.


But that’s not all we do…


To make sure you keep on top of your energy costs and don’t spend incorrectly, we put together graphs and data to show precisely where your money is going each month, and how to manage your budgets properly.


All you need to do is sign up to our FREE Online Meter Reading platform, which was the first of its kind and still the best. By simply entering your meter reads we can do the rest for you.




Company managers in each department can make detailed plans for achieving their budget targets
  Any departures from budget forecasts can be easily investigated and resolved.
  Our Online Meter Reading service puts the power and control in your hands so you can monitor and control your own budgets
  We allow you to allocate resources better.
  Our market analysis has proven time and again to be accurate


Why work with KGM


Our many years of experience expertly analysing data and building useful, informative online tools has resulted in us having a proven track record of providing accurate budget forecasts. We are confident of delivering you (the client) accurate information, which means you can be confident in your own budgets.


Test us out and you will see that we know exactly what we’re doing and that utilising our services is simple, but hugely beneficial to your business.


Call us now to to save your company time and money and to help improve energy budget forecasting


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